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Pension Audits

You know that in these challenging times obtaining a thorough pension scheme audit is vital.

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Tiffin Green specialisies in Pension Scheme Audits

So which firms do you recommend to your clients - one of the big four or maybe a smaller firm that provides a more personalised service?

Tiffin Green is that smaller firm; with a specialist audit team that works in partnership with the pension scheme trustees and administrators to deliver a personalised, high quality and timely audit service.

With over fifteen years experience representing and advising a wide range of top UK pension schemes, our team is also adept at dealing with new schemes; particularly those that have problems that may need reporting to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) or are in arrears and need regularising.

The structure of our pension team is that it operates as a separate department within the practice. All of the staff who deal with pension schemes are very experienced Auditors and Accountants. We do not use junior staff on pension scheme assignments; all team members are kept up to date with a regular programme of training.

This approach provides a quicker more focused audit, with tangible benefits all round. Trustees and administrators can both appreciate the benefits of dealing with someone who not only understands pension schemes but also has a broad understanding of commercial life.

All audit assignments are carried out using an audit system provided by a reputable training company who we use specifically for pension training; they also provide consultancy should we have any need to refer technical issues. The system is tailored to the needs of each specific scheme and helps us to provide an efficient and cost effective audit.

Pension Profile

The range of schemes we deal with encompasses:

  • Final Salary Schemes
  • Money Purchase Schemes
  • Hybrid Schemes
  • Common Investment Funds
  • Earmarked Schemes
  • Self-Administered Schemes

The team is also adept at dealing with new schemes particularly those that have problems, which need reporting to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) or are in arrears and need regularising.

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