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Advice on Wealth Protection, Retirement Planning, Savings & Investments and Inheritance Tax Planning.

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Call 01277 224422 or email

Advice on Wealth Protection, Retirement Planning, Savings & Investments and Inheritance Tax Planning.

Financial wellbeing is a very important aspect of life, which means major financial decisions call for specialist advice.

Almost everyone has some form of financial need: to save money, to make money or to improve his or her overall financial position.

Products will only be recommended that suit your requirements and circumstances in the following areas:


  • Consider how you or your family would cope financially if you couldn’t work due to serious illness?
  • What would happen to your family's financial security if you died?
  • How well would the business cope if one of its key members died or became ill?

Protection advice includes providing a lump sum or income, cover for debts and protecting your income.

Retirement Planning

  • How are you going to maintain your standard of living in 10 or 20 years time?

Advice to ensure you make adequate pension provisions and take full advantage of all available tax breaks.

Savings & Investments

  • Are looking for a better return on your money? Or maybe you're planning and saving for a future event?

All risk levels can be catered for when recommending saving and investment products.

Inheritance Tax Planning

  • Most people are unhappy with the idea of the taxman taking 40% of their money.

Effective planning ensures that the people important to you can benefit from your wealth - it doesn't necessarily mean you have to give your money or assets away right now.

Planning for Long Term Care Needs

  • A consideration for elderly clients, or clients with elderly parents/dependants.

Equity Release

  • This can be arranged when clients need to release capital or income from their home.

Tiffin Green Financial Services works in association with local firms of independent financial advisors authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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